5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your PMO


The holiday season allows organizations to express appreciation for employee hard work before closing out another successful year. And few departments dedicate more hustle sustaining operations than your PMO team. 

These unsung heroes of project delivery thanklessly battle scope creep, streamline status reports, wrangle resources, audit milestones, and mentor struggling managers – enabling on-time initiatives year-round.

So this year why not surprise your PMO squad with some festive gifts tailored to make their unique roles brighter? To spark ideas, here are 5 holiday gift recommendations for your Project Management Office dream team:

1. Engraved Schedule Magnifier 

Project managers pore over Gantt charts endlessly tweaking task sequences and dependencies within tight timeboxes. Unfortunately eye strain often results. Alleviate focusing fatigue with engraved schedule magnifiers – allowing PMs to comfortably review deliverable roadmaps without squinting. The lens wraps around monitor frames spotlighting specific graph segments while an ergonomic handle enables precise viewing control.

Since every PMO veteran knows the pain of fine-tuning fiddly project schedules, this closet aide makes an ideal practical gift showing you relate. Bonus points for getting schedule magnifiers engraved with clever time-related messages like “Watching the Clock” or “Time Flies” to prompt office humor!

2. Scrum Board Custom Cornhole Set

Help your PMO squad bond while bringing more fun to project status stand ups with customized cornhole boards depicting iconic scrum imagery. These wall-mountable bean bag toss games can feature a lightweight “Kanban Workflow” deck design at one end with columns titled Backlog, In-progress, QA, Done to mimic task flow. The opposite “Agile Retro” themed end could show sticky notes labeled Start, Stop, Continue, Improve – reminiscent of sprint retrospectives.

3. Soothing Task Massage Gift Basket 

Does your PMO team work tirelessly protecting projects from derailing at the hands of dysfunctional stakeholders or scope creep chaos? Ease their battle-tested bodies with a self-care gift basket to relax and recharge aching project guardian muscles! 

This restorative package includes:

  • Project Milestone Tension Relief Massage Oil
  • Priority Task Exfoliating Scrub
  • Daily Stand-Up Revival Candle
  • Burn-Down Chart Yoga Mat

Pamper your heroic guardians of order so they can mindfully recover. Because restoring calm and flexibility helps master even the most chaotic stakeholders! Gift inner peace.

4. Custom Comic Books 

Transform your PMO personnel into comic book heroes! Commission illustrators on Fiverr to create custom (satirical) comics recasting your project professionals as aspirational protagonists overcoming corporate villainy through meticulous methodologies. 

For example, envision Resource Manager Ramon wielding schedulers to defeat the Scheme Scrambler’s plots destroying organizational work plans. Or Data Master Dana harnessing KPI dashboards to disable Doctor Data-Disarray’s devices distorting key metrics. 

Inject playful creativity that pens your PMO crew into enduring legends. Spark joy immortalizing them as icons of order battling chaos via frames of serialized figurative triumph. 

5. Scrum Supply Care Package

Over their tenure, PMO team members accumulate assorted project management supplies like spreadsheets, sticky notes, highlighters, pens, and productivity lifehacks. Gift an end-of-year “Swag Bag” care package overflowing with useful PM accessories to replenish their toolkit including:

  • A notebook embroidered “Top Secret: Project Ideas” for noting stroke of insights
  • Noise-canceling headphones to mute distracting stakeholders
  • Wireless instant printer to snapshot KPI charts  
  • Rearview mirror task list display so deadlines never sneak up
  • Voice-activated status updater for hands-free check-in calls  
  • External phone charger for nonstop all day availability 

Surprise and delight PMO personnel with fun productivity potpourri so they’re fully reloaded ensuring your 2023 initiatives launch successfully!

The PMO Deserves Praise!

This holiday season, consider gifting your PMO team specially selected presents acknowledging their indispensable efforts allowing the wider organization’s objectives to skillfully manifest according to carefully constructed plans. They are truly Santa’s elves making work dreams come true!

While traditional holiday gestures like gift cards or catered meals certainly convey festive gratitude, the above imaginative ideas better match the lighthearted uniqueness of indispensable PMO staff. So tap your creativity, add personal touches, have fun with it, and watch PMO reactions overflow with holiday cheer!

Here’s hoping all of our organizational allies behind the scenes keeping enterprises on track have a safe and happy holiday surrounded by loved ones this winter. Project success starts with you!

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