How to Manage Remote Teams Effectively with Smartsheet


Remote work has become increasingly common, with more employees working from home or different locations. While this arrangement provides flexibility, managing remote teams can be challenging without the right tools. Smartsheet is an invaluable platform for organizing remote teams and optimizing productivity.

Use Smartsheet to Track Project Progress

One of the biggest difficulties of managing remote employees is ensuring projects stay on track. With Smartsheet, managers can outline project goals, assign tasks, set due dates, and monitor progress. Smartsheet’s Gantt chart feature provides visual timelines while the sheet view allows tracking of task checklists. Automatic reminders keep everyone on schedule.

Enable Real-Time Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication is essential when teams aren’t face-to-face. Smartsheet has built-in messaging for discussions and comments right within sheets. Users can also opt for email notifications when changes are made or items are marked complete. Video conferencing and screen sharing are additionally available through Microsoft Teams integration.

Centralize Important Information

Smartsheet acts as a centralized hub for all key information, documents, and data related to team projects. Interactive dashboards provide visibility into work status and team capacity. Files attached directly to sheets eliminate the need for back-and-forth emails. All the context team members need is accessible in one shared workspace.

Automate Repetitive Processes

Smartsheet includes powerful automation tools to streamline repetitive tasks. Built-in workflows standardize business processes with automated checklists, approvals, and rules-based actions. These save time on routine items like onboarding, status checks, and performance reviews. Work smarter, not harder.

Configure User Roles and Permissions

With remote employees, it’s especially important to maintain control over access. Smartsheet enables granular configuration of user roles and permissions. Give everyone visibility of relevant sheets while restricting editing ability as needed. Set sheet access to “Editor”, “Viewer”, or “Admin-only”.

Get Valuable Insights with Reports

Make informed decisions by leveraging Smartsheet’s extensive reporting capabilities. Review project status summaries, team workload, and progress metrics through interactive dashboards. Export to PDF or Excel for easy sharing across the organization. Reports provide visibility to optimize team productivity.

The flexibility of remote work is here to stay. With Smartsheet’s collaboration tools tailored for the remote environment, managers can enable productivity and keep all team members aligned. Streamline coordination, boost accountability, and ensure successful delivery with Smartsheet.

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