Building a Fully-Automated Enterprise

Building a Fully-Automated Enterprise

All you need to know about enterprise automation boils down to this:

In the U.S. alone, each year employees log 2.6 trillion hours of work that could be automated.

We’re not just talking about email automation. Across your enterprise, your organization is full of everyday, repetitive, rules-based processes and tasks between applications that can be automated. 

For approximately 60 percent of companies, 30 percent of their processes are automatable, which can boost productivity and profitability while also freeing up their employees to focus on the work that requires more skill, expertise, and finesse. While these back-to-back tasks are a drain on time for your team members, they’re ideal work for robots to do.

Building a fully-automated enterprise can make your organization more efficient. But more importantly? This isn’t about replacing your workers. In fact, 88 percent of businesses believe that enterprise automation will accelerate human achievement, complementing the work that humans do, not replacing them. It ensures that the work your teams are doing is more valuable to the company, more strategic, and far more fulfilling. 

Create Meaningful Work Opportunities

Is your enterprise stuck in a never-ending cycle of busywork?  Busywork isn’t just frustrating for your employees, it’s costly. Too much busywork leads to faster team burnout and costs businesses an estimated $150 billion in revenue annually just in poor productivity alone.

Wrestling with busywork isn’t rewarding. A fully-automated enterprise can take automation deep into your daily practices to make work more meaningful. You can employ simple apps with user-friendly interfaces to make automation simple enough for everyone to use to remove busywork at every level. From there, these apps present your workers with the information robots have collected, which can be used to further improve your processes, taking you from a cycle of busywork to a cycle of increasing productivity. 

Releasing your team from these repetitive, recurring tasks makes for more satisfying work for your employees and more efficient, well-structured processes for the company.

Improve Performance

The automation of your organization’s activities isn’t just about getting work done faster, it’s also about reducing errors and improving work quality—many times even surpassing human capabilities.  

McKinsey & Company estimated in their 2017 Executive Summary that automation could raise productivity growth across the globe by 0.8 to 1.4 percent annually. It can also make the work your employees do more cost-effective.  It’s reported that nearly half the activities that employees are paid $16 trillion in wages to do throughout the global economy have the potential for automation with technology that’s available today. 

Even the brightest employees are susceptible to error—but robots aren’t. They don’t need to take breaks or lunches, and they don’t make mistakes. What else does the McKinsey & Company Executive Summary have to say about using automation to improve performance?

“We are living in a new automation age in which robots and computers can not only perform a range of routine physical work activities better and more cheaply than humans, but are also increasingly capable of accomplishing activities that include cognitive capabilities. These include making tacit judgments, sensing emotion, or even driving—activities that used to be considered too difficult to automate successfully.”

Enjoy Countless Benefits

What else can enterprise automation do? Of the organizations that have already implemented it:

  • 92 percent reported an increase in customer satisfaction
  • 91 percent shared their employees were able to focus on less repetitive, mundane tasks
  • 91 percent enjoyed an increased capacity to handle higher workload volumes
  • 88 percent noticed an increase in customer engagement
  • 85 percent displayed new revenue sourcing

A fully-automated enterprise means you can do all kinds of things that were never possible before, including:

  • AI-powered discovery
  • Monitoring, managing, measuring, and testing capabilities at the enterprise level
  • Building engaging experiences for customers, including natural language and interactive applications
  • Automation of everything that people can see

Make Development Accessible

Many companies have ideas for automation that could be wonderful opportunities, but they just don’t have the resources for development teams to take these automations on individually; the automations are too minor in scale. 

However, every company has situations where they can benefit from front-line automated solutions. A fully automated enterprise offers low-code tools and system training that allows every employee to become a “citizen developer.” It’s like giving all your employees access to countless colors on a huge palette of paint, and letting them take it and run with it, creating whatever “art” (or in this case, automation solution) they need to make for smarter processes.

Bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Every Aspect of Your Enterprise

A true, fully-automated enterprise combines the best of robotic process automation (RPA) with AI. Companies can leverage AI-rich automation solutions to improve the way robots read screens and to make their processes more “intelligent.”

Because AI can take processes and make them visible and measurable, organizations can pinpoint what and where to implement automation for maximum efficiency.

AI technology can also spill into your daily operations, making data-based decisions throughout the enterprise. Organizations can create automated cognitive processes to analyze documents, provide excellent customer service through the use of chatbots, and more. By applying machine learning to large data flows, AI makes more processes automatable.

There are so many benefits to building a fully-automated enterprise. What does this mean? What does a fully-automated enterprise work environment look like?

At Cronos, we’re all about finding solutions for organizations to make their work smarter, stronger, and faster. Whether you’re looking to improve efficiency, increase accuracy, save money, or make better use of your talented team, a fully-automated enterprise is the answer. 

Want to discover more about fully-automated enterprises? Contact us today!

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